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Innovien Consulting is a highly acclaimed Service Provider offering various services such as Computation of Useful Lives of Assets Services, Government Funding Projects Services and Regulatory Trade Compliance Services. The company offer services for Chartered Engineer Certification, M-SIPS Solutions, Asset Audits & Compliance, Technical Valuations and functions as a miscellaneous, marine cargo and fire insurance claims. The company offers Valuation Services for plants and machinery as well as land and buildings, does risk inspection for pre-insurance and is involved in the inspection and surveys of the client cargo shipments. The services, offered by the company, are widely appreciated by the clients for their efficiency. The company is active in North India with a noticeable presence in Delhi and NCR.
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 The applicant may apply for EPCG license along with a certificate from the independent chartered engineer on the proforma annexed to "Aayaat Niryaat Form" certifying the end use of capital goods sough
Valuation Services
 Government Approved Valuer
Valuation is an opinion of an expert, who assesses the value of an asset. His assessment depends on the purpose for which the evaluation is sought, his hones
Government Funding Projects
 Our company is engaged in rendering specialised services for Government Funding Projects. We offer services for the manufacturing / R&D units, Importers-Exporters & Service Provider
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